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Fruit Orchard for the community at Whareroa Farm Reserve

Who likes a delicious apple pie made with fresh apples that you picked yourself? If you can be patient for a few years hopefully you will be able to pick apples, plums, pears and apricots from the newly established fruit orchard at Whareroa Farm Reserve.

Due to a kindly donation the Whareroa Guardians have purchased and planted 9 fruit trees in this DOC land. They were given careful and loving planting care under the expert tutelage of Cree Hatfield who has established other community orchards in the area.  It is intended that the orchard will be extended as money allows, and if these trees  thrive.

Fortunately there is an active possum trapping team working at Whareroa to protect these trees as they will be irresistible to the destructive pests.

So if in the future you find yourself munching a delicious apple after a wonderful bike ride or walk at Whareroa, spare a thought for all the volunteers who committed time, energy and money to making your mouth water!

In the attached photo, from Sunday, July 16, 2017: Theo Barsanti (Chair Whareroa Guardians Community Trust) Cree Hatfield and Penny Redward about to plant the fruit trees. Bruce Bulmer, Thomas Porter and Liffet Stewart also helped but Tom was the only one able to break a spade!!