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The great stompathon!

This year we had a large nor-west facing hillside of new trees to release. On return from Christmas the old gorse had returned in vengeance,  it was as high if not higher then the protective sleeves of the new trees.

The team was a bit down about what to do, our spray man was busy with other projects, 3000 trees were about to be lost to a carpet of gorse!

Solutions? Get Stomping! The team attacked the site, crushing the new growth with our boots and snapping off the gorse twigs with spades. Look! No Spray!

On returning a fortnight later 75% of the site was brown as if it had been sprayed, the obviously missed bits of gorse was attacked again. We are chuffed with our no-spray method we have stumbled - or stomped on.

Come along to a tree care day yourself, check out our new trees and the recovering old remnants. Share a cup of tea with the members. All family members welcome, not matter what age.