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"Maungawhau: A Short History of Volunteer Action" just published

The Friends of Maungawhau (Mt Eden, Auckland) have just published Maungawhau: A Short History of Volunteer Action.

This 116-page book is an absorbing account of two decades of community effort to preserve and protect Auckland's volcanic heritage. It explores the complex issues and challenges that the Friends have faced, and describes their experience in restoring native vegetation to unstable scoria slopes.

The book is beautifully produced and includes maps, photos, diagrams and native/weed plant lists.

Published in the year of transition to co-governance of Auckland's volcanic cones, the book is intended to inform people about the mountain's cultural, geological and ecological significance and to stimulate debate about how heritage sites should be managed and protected in an intensified city.

Praise for the book

Dr Peter Haynes, Albert-Eden Local Board Chair: "A great launch and a very valuable book. It's much more than a simple cataloguing of the valuable work FoM have done over the years, addressing the multitude of issues arising in the management and protection of our precious maunga. It deserves a wide readership. Well done, everyone!"

Keith Locke, former Green MP: "As a Mt Edenite, it was my pleasure to attend the community launch of 'Maungawhau: A Short History of Volunteer Action' written by the Friends of Maungawhau. Wherever you live in New Zealand you might find the book interesting in how to face up to the challenge of looking after a volcanic cone—archeologically, ecologically, socially, politically and bi-culturally."

Publication funded by the ASB Community Trust.
ISBN: 9780473298470
116 pages; soft cover; 250mm x 210mm; 501 gm
$20 + P&P ($3 in NZ).

Purchase information

Order from [email protected]
Or purchase from Time Out Bookstore in Mt Eden.

Author description

Friends of Maungawhau Inc. is a volunteer conservation group formed in the 1980s to protect and preserve Maungawhau/Mt Eden and the volcanic heritage of Auckland. The society was incorporated in 2002 by archaeologist Dr Susan Bulmer to whom the book is dedicated.

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