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Saddleback on Takatu Penisula

Matt Maitland of the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc (TOSSI)would like to hear of any saddleback sightings on the Takatu Peninsula.

Two errant saddleback that left the park were recaptured at Waikauri Bay and repatriated to the park. Saddleback have next to nil chance of survival outside the Tawharanui fence.

Please spread the word that TOSSI would like to have reports of any saddleback sightings outside the sanctuary, so that the birds can can be relocated to safety.

Plenty of other spillover wildlife can and will establish outside the sanctuary if reasonable pest control is achieved (eg robin, pateke, whitehead, kakariki).

Matt Maitland's contact details are 09 4261200 or 0274715355.