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Seedlings Galore!

This year we made a wonderful discovery in the valley behind Cannons Creek, hundreds of Tawa seedlings in the creek bed.

 Due to the control of browsing possums and enclosing the old remnants of bush with new plantings the old trees are flowering and producing seeds again. These are making their way into the creek and being deposited in the silt.

 This year we were able to harvest as many Tawa as we needed for future planting, not by starting them in the nursery but through the natural cycle of regeneration that is underway again in the valley.

 This is not the only place we have spotted regeneration. Under the old Kohekohe, leafless from possum browsing and charred from gorse fires, hundreds of seedlings can now been seen. This is due to the work of controlling possums and enclosing these old canopies with new plantings. This has excluded the grass and allowed a leaf litter to build up and foster new seedlings.

Come along to a tree care day and view our work, everyone welcome, bring the kids.

Morning tea provided.