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A Super Growing Summer

Remember last summer? You can't because it rained every week and blew southerlies non'-stop?

2013 is turning into a growing summer for the records books. Almost every month since Christmas we have had a heavy rain of at least 50mm. This combined with the hot weather has led to a super growing season. Winter of 2012 we planted a steep Nor-West bank that had been cleared of carpet gorse.

Before Christmas we were braced for a high loss due to the exposed site and the forecast hot summer. But due to these regular downpours we have had a near 100% success rate with last year's planting.

Tree are already out of the top of their protective sleeves, something we don't úsually see till six months later in the year.

Come along to a tree care day and take a look, check out the old remnants of trees, now recovered and flowering again and the thousands of new trees popping their heads above the grass...

Watch out for low flying Tui and Wood Pigeon!