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Trapping ring key to increased kiwi numbers

Since April 2014 a chain of nearly 150 mustelid traps on properties surrounding Marunui Conservation in the Brynderwyns has provided a protective buffer to the 43 Northland brown kiwi released there between 2013-2015.

“This ‘Ring of Steel’ has been a huge success with hundreds of predators having been eliminated over the past three years,” says Marunui’s John Hawley. “These include ferrets, stoats, feral cats, weasels and rats. While we trap intensively within our 423 hectare property, these other traps expand the area under predator control to 1350 hectares. They help protect those kiwi that have established territories further afield and reduce predator invasion into Marunui.”         (to read the entire article click on the URL/Title below)