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Whareroa Farm - Cairn Celebration Date shifted to Saturday, February 22

Happy New Year people!

Date of the Cairn Celebration shifted!...
is the first posting of 2014

New Date: Saturday February 22, beginning at 4pm...

If the weather is poor, the back-up date is Sunday, February 23

Gather at the Cairn at 4pm and there will be an official part at 4:30.

From about 5:30 there will be guided walks through other parts of Whareroa, a treasure hunt (only for the kids!), kite flying if there will be wind, Music and entertainment at the Hub etc etc and of course etc (which includes BBQ's available for you use with your family and friends to have a picnic and enjoy Whareroa)

More information will flow in the coming days.
Scratch Feb 1 as the date and replace it with Saturday, February 22!