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Whareroa Farm Reserve, Wednesday Weeders Update, The Battle of the Blackberry

Whareroa Farm, The Battle of the Blackberry

For much of the past year, the Wednesday Weeders have been in hand-to-hand combat mainly with blackberry, freeing up countless young native plants

Thanks to Liffet and Sue, we have a series of action photos attached as well as one from a recent dinner the WWers had to celebrate their work

Many thanks are due to the sustained and dedicated work of the Wednesday Weeders against the relentless weeds on Whareroa!

The "Wednesday Weeders" meet at the Whareroa shed 9am-12pm every Wednesday regardless of weather.

We welcome all newcomers - there are activities for all levels of fitness, physical abilities and knowledge levels, plus we are nice people!

If you are interested in joining, send an email to [email protected] or a direct message on FB and we will get you in touch with the organisers who will be overjoyed at you joining in the fun. Come along (bring sturdy shoes and gardening gloves), you'll love it.