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Wildlands National News May 2012

In this issue:

The Denniston Plateau Bioblitz found a mystery gecko and its genetic identity is presently being investigated. Puti the lizard dog helped. A new species of geometrid moth was found at the same event.

The first known naturalised population of the Andean shrub pearlfruit Margyricarpus pinnatus has been discovered at the mouth of the Mataura River.

Wildlands has been leading the ecological impact assessment for Genesis Energy’s Castle Hill Wind farm in the Wairarapa. The wind farm, if constructed as proposed, will be the largest in New Zealand, consisting of approximately 260 wind turbines.

Ecological surveys on Banks Peninsula have rediscovered Pittosporum obcordatum, a Nationally
Vulnerable small tree species not seen here since its first discovery by Raoul in 1840.

Mitigation options have been developed to reduce the impacts of flood storage on the internationally significant Whangamarino Wetland.

Summary of other recent Wildlands Projects