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Wildlands Wellington Newsletter August 2016

This issue introduces seals on bouys, a most unusual inland saline spring, and the benefits of oversized culverts to maintain fish passage and in-stream values.

Wildlands Wellington can extend their capability by partnering with staff from other Wildlands offices and with professionals from other disciplines to create multi-disciplinary teams. Our combined skills include botany, ecology, uncommon habitats, biogeography, birds, bats, lizards and frogs, freshwater fish, butterflies, moths and other terrestrial invertebrates, aquatic invertebrates, invasive species, translocation, surveys, monitoring and statistical analysis, weed control, pest animal control, monitoring, ecological restoration, and collaboration on landscape architecture, planning, engineering, hydrology, and heritage. This means we can put together a customised team to tackle projects of any size or complexity from the assessment of one tree to multiple ecosystems.  We do it all.