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Wildlands Wellington Newsletter July 2014

One of Wildlands’ core strengths is undertaking field surveys and mapping the findings. We have a very experienced, in-house team who produce a wide variety of maps, using ESRI Geographic Information System software (ArcGIS 10.1).  Files from other compatible software, such as CAD, MS Excel, and GPS, can all be imported and combined with digitised data and aerial photography for further analysis or mapping. We can also provide clients with geographic data in a form that can be viewed usingGoogle Earth.

Wildlands routinely maps vegetation and habitat types using consistent classification systems based on key canopy species for each vegetation type.  We have mapped large parts of New Zealand - for instance more than 50,000 hectares in the Wairarapa alone!

Mapping of vegetation types can help to determine areas for pest plant and pest animal control, and potential sites where rare or unusual plants, or animals, might potentially be found.