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Is Your Group Prepared For Changes In Work Health and Safety Laws?

Dear fellow conservation community member,
Safety at ‘work’ concerns us all, and we can all be impacted either directly or indirectly when someone is injured or worse, loses a life. New Zealand has a tragically poor record in work-place safety – and much of this is underpinned by the very-widely held belief ‘it won’t happen to me’. But of course, accidents happen daily – and to people like you and me. As you will be aware, we are soon to have new Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws introduced to hopefully improve our workplace performance, and these will also include and impact upon groups utilising volunteers.
Conservation Volunteers has worked with volunteers across New Zealand and Australia for over 30 years, and over that time, has developed tried and tested – and constantly updated – safety processes for field-based volunteer safety. These processes, together with policies, guidelines, and documentation have been collated and adapted for generic use into our ‘In Safe Hands’ toolkit. This kit outlines how you can meet your obligations – and even more importantly, ensure the safety and well-being of your volunteers whilst remaining engaged and productive!
You can help us gain a better understanding of the conservation community’s needs in this area – and how the ‘In Safe Hands’ toolkit may assist meet those needs – by opening the link below and completing the survey; it will take about 5 minutes at most and will be much appreciated.
This information will be collated with the responses from all community group responses and assist us in planning how we can best assist you and the practical conservation volunteer groups. Your responses are confidential and will be collated with all the responses. Individual groups will not be identified in any report.
With thanks,
Dave Sharp
National Programmes and Safety Manager
Conservation Volunteers New Zealand
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