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Upper Scroggy Stream Sustainable Neighbourhood

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Karen Mann
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We are situated at the head waters of the Scroggy Stream
between Titirangi Rd and Pleasant Rd west Auckland
New Zealand
We are part of the sustainable neighbourhood programme with our main focus being the restoration of Scroggy Stream. The upper reaches of the stream are unmodified and there is growing awareness of the need to regenerate and preserve the native flora and fauna of the stream environs. There are two tributaries at the head waters that are covered by this programme. Many neighbours are involved with ongoing education about weeds and how to replant riparian areas. Currently about 80% of one tributary is being restored, with a growing number of property owners now starting on the other tributary. Possum trapping and baiting is also carried out. The variety of bird species seems to have increased, and neighbours are carrying out the annual garden bird survey. There is a sharing of resources and a new connectedness in the street.


Auckland Council
Whau River Catchment Trust

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Plants in the ground


Possums killed


square metres of weeds controlled

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Kaka Photo August 2012

Green and Gold Bell Frog