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History of Coolidge Street restoration project

In 2003 the land was a degraded former tip site, with mountains of pest plants and creepers covering mountains of non-degradable rubbish dumped over some 40 years.

There was a sprinkling of possum damaged tree ferns, but little else, apart from every known pest plant and a thriving possum populations. The possums have now vanished, mountains of rubbish have been collected and removed and native flora established over two thirds of the site. There is more clearing to be done but paths need to be first put in place for access.

Significant knowledge gained:

  • Be patient!
  • Put time into dealing with pest plants before any planting is untertaken. Best results are from areas that are sprayed, mulched and left for a year before planting.
  • Any ground disturbance from weed release needs to be immediately followed with a thick layer of mulch. Also keep up the possum eradication programmes.