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History of Huia Road/Minnehaha Sustainable Neighbourhood

The interested neighbours are provided with the necessary resources to convert their own properties into become weed free. They have volunteered to help our in various working bees for:

Gully Initially with a neighbour we also volunteered and cleaned up the Gully outside our places and this is an activity that we continue to do today with the help of the Sustainable Neigbourhood group.

We have had fresh water fish, seen spiders, copper skinks and often we are accompanied by a fantail. The native trees and plants are thriving well.
My vision for the Gully it will become a stand of Kahikatea trees where they have become self sown and thrive the wet conditions that is natural in the Gully.

Sylvan Reserve which is across the road from us we have with the Sustainable Neigbourhood group have helped to transform this area into a weed free oasis where the stream supports fresh water fish, eels and lobster. A next door neighbour (Debbie and Neil) have bee hives.

Minnehaha Steps is a project that had been initialised by the Sustainable Neighbour Group and these were completed by the council. These steps are constantly used by neighbours