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History of Tamahunga Trappers

We have been trapping pests since January 2010 firstly on the Summit track line. The Geordie line was installed in February 2010, followed by the Haybarn/Pines loop a couple of months later. The longest of the lines, on the south-western side of the forest is the Iwi line and we now have three more lines on the northern side of the maunga. There are also traps situated on surrounding landowner properties which are checked by the landowners and their catch data is recorded fortnightly on our database. This brings the number of traps currently in action to 117 in which we are catching rats, stoats, weasels, hedgehogs and cats.

After two successful funding applications we have lots more traps on the way and another couple of lines cut and waiting.

We have also carried out some baseline bird species monitoring and accompanied a botanist through the forest to gain more knowledge of the species that require protection.

As a group we have offered our services for free guided walks on the public walking tracks in order to increase the public knowledge of the forest and its biodiversity values.