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Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary

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Rachel Russell/Trudy Nicholas
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Kaipupu Point
New Zealand

Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary is a mainland island situated between Picton harbour and Shakespeare Bay in the Marlborough Sounds.  It is a community led project which aims to enrich the community through restoration and guardianship, where native flora and fauna will flourish in a predator free environment.  
Historically, Kaipupu Point was cleared of bush for grazing sheep but in 2005 the Sanctuary was created through a partnership with landowners Port Marlborough and the Department of Conservation. In 2008, a 600 metre long predator proof fence was installed and an aerial drop of brodificum was used to get rid of rats, mice, stoats and other mammalian species on the island.  This drop was successful but unfortunately due the Sanctuary's close proximity to other areas of land, rats and mice reinvaded. Currently we have an extensive network of trap lines across the Sanctuary, we use a variety of traps including DOC 200's, Goodnature traps and mouse traps.  We also use wax tags, sand stations and monitoring tunnels to monitor pest species.  
In 2016, we translocated South Island Robin back on to the "island" and we also became a creche for Rowi kiwi.  Little Blue Penguin breed on the island using penguin boxes.


Mud House Wine; Bluebridge; New Zealand King Salmon