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Whangawehi Catchment Management Group

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Nicolas Caviale Delzescaux
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Mahia - Northern Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

The Whangawehi Community (represented by Tangata Whenua, landowners, District and Regional Council) share a desire to maintain or improve the different cultural, ecological, recreational & economical values of the Whangawehi Catchment. Central to this aim is the need to address water quality issues & the loss of habitat for important freshwater & estuarine species. Erosion, land use, loss & fragmentation of aquatic & terrestrial habitat have led to the current degraded fragmentation of aquatic & terrestrial habitat of the Whangawehi Stream, its tributaries & the estuary.
The protection & enhancement of remaining biodiversity values such as threatened habitat (forest & wetland) & threatened species (Longfin eel, Redfin Bully & Inanga) is of key concern.
This project aims to address these issues by working with landowners to protect & enhance water quality, threatened species & habitat and to bring about long term behaviour change