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Wairarapa Moana Community Restoration

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
Emily Greenberg (Secretary)
E-mail address: 
37 Lyon St
Featherston 5710
New Zealand

The project is known as Reconnecting the Community and Donalds Creek to Lake Wairarapa. The project is focused on restoring a wetland on Donalds Creek to the north of Featherston (Harrison St Wetland) and native plants along the shoreline of Lake Wairarapa at Lake Domain as a way to enhance the health of Wairarapa Moana, to connect the townspeople to its catchment, to enhance environmental awareness, to build community, and to create worthwhile experiences and opportunities for our youth. The youth group will use the project to lead the community of Featherston in restoring a wetland to the upper reach of Donalds Creek and enhancing the native plants along the shoreline at Lake Domain. Each of the two sites are relatively small and they have the potential to serve as “proof of concept” too guide larger-scale efforts at both sites. The project will result in enhancements to the ecology of Wairarapa Moana and the creation of a new generation of Wairarapa Moana kaitiaki (guardians).

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