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Kuaotunu Environment Action: Predator Control

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
Chris Twemlow
Phone Number: 
(07) 869 5054
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Kuaotunu Peninsula
New Zealand

Formally established in 2008, Kuaotunu Environmental Action was set up in by Iwi representatives and landowners as part of an ongoing effort to eradicate stoats and manage predator control that began in the 1990s to save Kiwi and to support the Kuaotunu Kiwi Sanctuary, now known as Project Kiwi.

In 2017 KEA was given a real boost with support from Waikato Regional Council to upgrade, rehabilitate and extend the Predator Control Buffer Zone between Wharekaho and Kuaotunu. In  August 2017 consent to trap is being completed for 1000ha.

KEA's aim is to support predator control activities and environmental restoration projects on the Kuaotunu Pensinsula.

Activities: Pest & Plant Pest Control, Biodiversity Projects, Rongoa Forests, Natural Landscape Rehabilitation.

Parties involved: Local Residents, Waikato Regional Council, DOC, Ngati Hei and Tamatera Hapu



Waikato Regional Council