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Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust (RFPT)

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Peter Cooper
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(021) 111 5630
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Catchpool Valley, Rimutaka Forest Park, Coast Road
Wainuiomata, Wellington
New Zealand

Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation committed to protecting and restoring the unique flora and fauna of the Rimutaka Forest Park located east of Wainuiomata, near Wellington, New Zealand.

Our Mission:

“To protect and restore the natural vegetation and wildlife of the Rimutaka Forest Park and to promote community understanding and appreciation of the Park”

 Our Vision:

"A natural and rich forest park environment for the enjoyment of the wider community"


Kiwi Project, 2006-

We have reintroduced North Island Brown Kiwi into the park.  Now more than ninety kiwi roam free in the hills and valleys of the Rimutaka Forest Park, with many more on the way! A team of 65 highly skilled volunteers works on a robust predator control regime that includes the boundary buffer and internal stoat trapping programme, along with other dedicated kiwi handlers and tracking volunteers who provide continued monitoring of the brown kiwi population and to minimise the threat to young kiwi chicks.

Catchpool Restoration Project, 2009-

Following the clear-felling of the pinus radiata forest there, this project aims to speed up the natural reforestation of the Catchpool Valley hillsides with native plants and trees to provide a healthy habitat for indigenous birds, lizards, amphibians, freshwater fish and invertebrates. The area involves nearly 8,500ha of land to be revegetated.

Our strategy is to plant large numbers of up to 30 different & desired locally-sourced plant species in the gullies and other sheltered areas and eventually, up the hillsides to re-cloak them in native bush once again.

Recently, we established a seedling nursery down at the Catchpool. We have a collection permit to collect seed from within the Park to assure the eco-sourced nature of our plantings. Accordingly, we will grow the seed we collect to plant out on the slopes and streamsides to restore the biodiversity values of the Catchpool Valley.

Restoring the Dawn Chorus, 2001-

A team of volunteers is maintaining trap lines within Catchpool Valley and surrounding areas. To date more than 5,000 possums and thousands more rats have been removed from the area, but with constant re-invasion taking place, the need to trap is ongoing.

The aim of the Dawn Chorus project is to reduce the level of all predators and pest animals within Catchpool Valley to allow native birds and ecosystems to thrive once again.

Evidence that this is occurring can now be found in our most recent 5 Minute Bird Counts and vegetation regeneration PhotoPoints. Kereru are now so abundant in the Catchpool Valley, particularly in Winter and Spring, that you'll be hard-pushed to find any other location in New Zealand with more native wood pigeons!

The Trust welcomes enquiries from volunteers and groups wishing to engage in restoration projects.

Visit the Trust website for more information, to volunteer or to sponsor a trap, transmitter, kiwi, or tree.
Rimutaka Forest Park flyer in PDF format

Major sponsors to date include: BNZ Kiwi Recovery, Project Crimson, US Embassy-NZ, Wainui Joinery, Village Accommodation, Hutt Mana Charitable Trust, The Community Trust of Wellington, Hutt City Council, Air NZ, Microsoft, CCF, Ron Greenwood Environmental Trust, Kadine Stamps, Pub Charities, WN Pharazyn Trust, WWF
Department of Conservation; Greater Wellington Regional Council, Kiwi Recovery Group

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