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Photopoint ZPM -17 Tuff Crater View North towards St Peters Way
Photopoint TC-01. Tuff Crater. 12. 04.2009 Towards Heath Reserve. View South East
Photopoint TC-02 Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. View South McBreen
Photopoint TC-03. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. View South South West Bailey Reserve Willow flat
Photopoint TC-04. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. View West
Photopoint TC-07 Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. Planting area.
Photopoint TC-08. Tuff Crater.12.04.2009. View South. New Planting
Photopoint TC-09 Tuff Crater.12 .04.2009. View East over motorway towards Shoal Bay.
Photopoint TC-13 Tuff Crater 12.04.2009 Path by Tank 2
Photopoint TC-16 Tuff Crater.12.04.2009.-Pampas and privet control MU7 Tank 2 area.
Photopoint TC-22. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. Zigzag track below Haydn and Rollet
Photopoint TC-28 Tuff Crater.12.04.2009. Tank 7
Photopoint TC-29 Tuff Crater. Tank 8 View North. Showing Pampas
Photopoint TC-30 Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. Pampas along footpath. View - North West.
Photopoint TC-31. Tuff Crater. Tank 9
Photopoint TC-45. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. St Peters Way. View East
Photopoint TC-47. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. View South East.
Photopoint TC-48 Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. Arundo donax South side. View -South West
Photopoint TC-49. Tuff Crater.12.04.2009. South side. View East along path showing pampas.
Photopoint TC-51.Tuff Crater.12.04.2009 South side. View East.
Photopoint TC-52. Tuff Crater. 12.04.2009. Track South side. View West.
Photopoint ZPM - 01. Tuff Crater. Planting below Arahia Street. Winter 2013. View- South East
Photopoint ZPM - 18 View North Path to St Peters Way
Photopoint ZPM-02. Tuff Crater. Planting below Arahia Street. Winter 2013. View -South
Photopoint ZPM-03. Tuff Crater. Planting below Arahia Street. Winter 2013. View -North West.
Photopoint ZPM-04. Tuff Crater. Winter 2012. View- City, South East.
Photopoint ZPM-05. Tuff Crater. Heath Reserve. Winter 2014. View -North
Photopoint ZPM-06. Tuff Crater. Heath Reserve. Winter 2014. View -North West.
Photopoint ZPM-07. Tuff Crater towards Heath Reserve. Winter 2014. View-South.
Photopoint ZPM-08 Tuff Crater South Side. Prepared for planting. View North East 09.06.2014
Photopoint ZPM-09. Tuff crater View West. Preparation for planting 09.09.2014
Photopoint ZPM-16 Tuff Crater South of St Peters Lookout
Photopoint ZPM-19 View South. Pathway from St Peters Way.
Photopoint ZPM-21 Tuff Crater below St.Peters Way platform. View North West.
Photopoint ZPM-22 Tuff Crater below St. Peters Way Platform. View South
Photopoint ZPM-23 Tuff Crater below St Peters Platform. View South