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Remnant Bush Recovers

These images are of some of the remnants of  Tawa in the Cannon Creek Valley.

This area was the first to be planted around the year 2000. There was no understory and a gorse fire had swept up the valley and scorched these trees. The black scorch markes can still be seen on the trunks of these trees.

Old remnants of bush that once stood alone burnt by fire and eaten by possums.

The first planting has now extablished as an understory.  note the wind blown Tawa behind the tree fern.

Old dead or near dead Tawa sprout again from the base of the trunk.

The understory had now developed and excluded the light. Grass has been repaced by tree litter supporting a carpet of seedlings. In this case Kohekohe.

The photos on this page where all taken in a 15 M radius of the top photo.

Group Photopoints

Remnant Bush Recovers

Tawa Never Say Die.....