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Monitoring is where information is captured over time to assess changes in an objective and scientific way. This could include tracking the growth of plants, numbers of pest species or the abundance of native wildlife.

To ensure that all of the time spent recording information and taking photopoint photos is not wasted, it is important to have a system in place to record, retain and share this information. 


Controlling pest plants and pest animals is the best thing your restoration group can do for conservation. Robust, yet simple monitoring methods are essential to check the effectiveness of your control methods.


For most ecological restoration projects, encouraging the correct vegetation is normally the cornerstone of the work.

Monitoring birds is one of the best ways to review the health of the ecosystem your group is working on. Bird monitoring can be recorded periodically, for example, once or twice per season.

This page provides links to information about freshwater monitoring techniques and council water monitoring web pages for ecological restoration groups.