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Pest control

Controlling animal and plant pests is an important part of most ecological restoration projects. In New Zealand thousands of dedicated volunteers work diligently to reduce numbers of animal pests and remove invasive weeds. This can be challenging, yet very rewarding work, and it is crucial for restoring our native ecosystems. Use this page to access national and regional information on what animal and plant pests should be controlled and how to achieve the best results.
Pest animal and plant control can have safety implications for staff and volunteers.  We advise that you visit the training page.

This page provides information for restoration groups about pest animals and control strategies for the management of pests.

Exotic plants now outnumber native plants in the wild in New Zealand. Many of these are invasive weeds, threatening our indigenous ecosystems.

Kauri dieback is a disease caused by a fungus-like pathogen that is killing Kauri trees in New Zealand. There is currently no cure for Kauri Dieback.

Myrtle rust (Austropuccinia psidii) has been found in several areas of New Zealand. It is important to keep an eye out and report any sighting of myrtle rust.