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One of the best ways to foster support for ecological restoration projects is for schools and community groups to join forces. Engaging the younger generations, and channeling their enthusiasm and love of nature can help to future-proof your project. Once children get hooked on conservation, there's often an exponential effect as they influence their peers, their whanau, and the wider community. 

School planting. DOC

Movements such as the Enviroschools Foundation support schools in adopting good sustainable practices not only within schools but across the wider community. You can find your local Enviroschool and see how they might be able to help with your projects. If you are an educator looking to engage students in conservation education, following the links below will help get you started. This includes general advice for the whole country but also some region-specific information for some regions. We recommend reading information for your region as well as the general advice so that you get the best, most locally appropriate advice.

National Advice
What is conservation education?, DOC
National education programmes, DOC
DOC education resources

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Wellington Advice
Take Action for Water - environmental education programme, Greater Wellington Regional Council

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