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Getting started in freshwater wetlands and waterways restoration

This page provides useful resources to help you get started with your wetland and waterway restoration projects.

For more general information on getting started with restoration go to Getting Started.

Makoura and Millennium. DOC

Just as with restoration of other habitats, preparing a restoration plan is a good idea to provide a framework for your group's project. Guidance on preparing a restoration plan can be found in the restoration plans section of the Resource center.

Restoration resources:


Managing freshwater catchments and streams, Department of Conservation
Mind the Stream- a Guide to Looking After Urban and Rural Streams, Greater Wellington Regional Council
Fixing your Stream Edges factsheet, NZ Landcare Trust (PDF, 380KB)


A Beginner's Guide to Wetland Restoration, Greater Wellington Regional Council
Wetland restoration. A handbook for New Zealand freshwater systems, Landcare Research 
Understanding the ‘wet’ in wetlands, Greater Wellington Regional Council (PDF, 652 KB)
Wetland Restoration Guide, Bay of Plenty Wetlands Forum (PDF, 1.04 MB)


So you’re thinking about a pond? Greater Wellington Regional Council

Wetlands provide habitat for specialised plants and animals. The water level and how much it fluctuates will determine what plants and animals it supports. Different plant species are suited to different wetland types and water levels. Wetlands support the greatest concentrations of bird life of any habitat in New Zealand and are also important habitat for many species of native invertebrates and fish.

Wetland plants and algae

Wetland plants, Department of Conservation
What to plant in wetlands, Greater Wellington Regional Council
Algae, Department of Conservation
Wetland forests, Department of Conservation
Kettle hole plants, Department of Conservation

Wetland animal life information

Attracting birds to wetlands, Waikato Regional Council
Freshwater invertebrates guide, Landcare Research
Freshwater invertebrates, Department of Conservation
Freshwater fish, Department of Conservation
Intergalaxiid - website about galaxiid in the Otago region
Obstructions to fish passage. PowerPoint presentation, Kelly Hughes, ATS Environmental (PDF, 2.74MB)

You can find further information on the National Wetland Trust of New Zealand website

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