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Growing your own plants

A range of native plants can be grown relatively easily and cheaply. However while it is quite possible, it is important that before starting you pay a little consideration to the following:

  • Do you have a reliable location to set up for at least 12-18 months?
  • Is the site of sufficient size for the quantity of plants you wish to grow?
  • Is there reliable shelter from wind and protection from frost and/or summer sun?
  • Is there a reliable water supply?
  • Do you have sufficient people and time to ensure a good result?

You may find it beneficial to join forces with another local restoration group to set up your own nursery. We also recommend enlisting help from local schools; students and teachers love growing and planting natives. Plus, it is always good to hook in younger generations to help future-proof your project!

There's lots of information available on the web about growing your own and setting up a nursery. Here are some useful links to help get you started:

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