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Recording and sharing monitoring information

To ensure that all of the time spent recording information and taking photopoint photos is not wasted, it is important to have a system in place to record, retain and share this information. 


Holdsworth monitoring. DOC

In the field, sticking to tried and true notebook methods is very helpful. For a very comprehensive guide to recording information in the field:

Field Notebooks and Recommendations for Taking Fieldnotes (pdf,102KB)

Once the information has been recorded by one person, retaining it by a group that works together can be done in several ways. Foremost, we encourage you to save your data on the Nature Space website which will enable us to display how much is being done across the region. If your group is registered you can enter data by logging in and accessing your group page.

New Zealand GIS in Conservation

NZ GiC is a not-for-profit charitable trust that can help your group store, manage, analyse, map and share data from your conservation activities. For more information, get in touch here:

There are many other options for storing information, including:

FORMAK- Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit

Google Docs-  create and share documents online.

Google Docs is a free, versatile service with applications such as spreadsheets which can be viewed, modified and updated by different people. The site is easy to use and has video demos to get you started. This system gives a very simple way of recording data, such as trap kill rates or the survival rates of plantings, where the observations are often recorded by different people each time. Photos can also be stored here, and there are simple ways for this information to be shared with many people, ensuring that the information recorded is not lost in an old notebook.

iNaturalist NZ

A website to record, share, identify and comment on species observations throughout New Zealand. You can also use the website for requesting help to ID flora, fauna and fungi that you have photographed. The records can also be tied to your group tagging them and putting them in 'Projects’.


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