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Recruiting members and volunteers

People are the most important resource for restoration projects. Once you have a vision, you can get like minded people involved - from your community, government organisations or local iwi. You may need a pool of additional people to help with large projects as well as your regular group of volunteers. 

Whareroa Guardians. Ann Evans
Group structure

Groups can range from an individual to a few neighbours to a full incorporated society. There is no one-size-fits-all so you'll need to work out which style best fits your project. Remember, this can always evolve over time.

Which legal structure for which group guide, CommunityNet Aotearoa
Setting up and incorporated society guide, CommunityNet Aotearoa


There are a number of places where you can recruit additional volunteers for your ecological restoration project. These can be from the local community, from schools or from the business community. You can use flyers and posters or reach people through existing community papers and newsletters.

For advice on volunteer recruitment check out the links below.

Volunteer Wellington website
Department of Conservation - Volunteer: Getting Involved

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