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Training resources for you and your restoration group

Groups engaged in ecological restoration have a wide range of training needs. Most of the information needed to get started as a new group can be found in the Nature Space Resource Centre. We thoroughly recommend to groups and individuals that you attend your local Restoration Day to take part in workshops and network with other conservationists from your region. For details of local events and training initiatives check the notices and events calendar on the Nature Space homepage.
Whether you want to learn about plant identification, monitoring techniques, propagation or gain other restoration skills, this page provides the best links to help you get the best results for your restoration project.

Propagation workshop. DOC

National opportunities

Free online courses available on the Department of Conservation website:

Introduction to Natural Heritage
Animal Ecology
Field skills
Bird identification
and more...

Field-based courses with the Department of Conservation:

Animal Pest Control Methods
Five Minute Bird Counts
Plant Identification
Weed Management and Monitoring
and more...

Plant conservation training with New Zealand Plant Conservation Network:

Introduction to plant life in New Zealand
Covenant management
Plant nursery management and propagation
Streamside and wetland management

Ecological Restoration courses at Victoria University of Wellington

Auckland training opportunities

Auckland training opportunities are often advertised on the Council’s Auckland Biodiversity Facebook page as well as through e-newsletter notification to Nature Space members.

In Auckland, there is a Pest Liaison Group Forum (PLG) which meets quarterly and is for anyone involved in the biosecurity and ecological restoration in the Auckland region. Attendees include volunteers, Council staff, contractors, industry and landowners. Topics covered include new research, projects and results, community activity, best practice and more.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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