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Wetland and waterway monitoring

This page provides links to information about freshwater monitoring techniques and council water monitoring web pages for ecological restoration groups. This includes general advice for the whole country but also some region-specific information for some regions. We recommend reading information for your region as well as the general advice so that you get the best, most locally appropriate advice.

Water monitoring. DOC

National Advice
Stream health monitoring and assessment kit (SHMAK kit), NIWA
WETMAK - Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Kit, New Zealand landcare trust
Freshwater invertebrates guide, Landcare Research
Freshwater Algae Identification, Information and Action Resource, Landcare Research
Shellfish monitoring for estuaries, beaches and harbours, Auckland Council
Turning the Tide: An Estuaries Toolkit for New Zealand Communities, New Zealand landcare Trust.

Canterbury Advice
Stream monitoring survey, Environment Canterbury (PDF, 295KB)

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