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What type of habitat are you planning to restore?

Are you planning to restore a forest, a dune, a estuary, freshwater wetland, a stream or an area that encompasses a number of different habitat types?


Chatham Islands. DOC

Here are links to information on restoring different habitat types.

Native Forest Restoration Planting, Auckland Regional Council (PDF, 738KB)
Protecting and Restoring our Natural Heritage- a Practical Guide, Department of Conservation
Native Bush on your Farm, Department of Conservation
Managing your Bush Block, Greater Wellington Regional Council
The role of fauna in restoration projects.  PowerPoint presentation, Lynn Adams, Department of Conservation (PDF, 1.04MB)

Freshwater wetlands and waterways
Managing freshwater catchments, Department of Conservation
Mind the Stream- a Guide to Looking After Urban and Rural Streams, Greater Wellington Regional Council
Fixing your Stream Edges factsheet, NZ Landcare Trust (PDF, 380KB)
Obstructions to fish passage. PowerPoint presentation, Kelly Hughes, ATS Environmental (PDF, 2.74MB)

For more information on freshwater systems go to Freshwater Wetlands and Waterways  section of the resource centre

A Beginner's Guide to Wetland Restoration, Greater Wellington Regional Council
National Wetland Trust of New Zealand website

For more information on estuarine systems go to Estuaries section of the resource centre

Sand dunes
Dune Restoration Trust of New Zealand website
Coastal Care, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

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