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WETLINK - a database of wetland restoration projects

Wetland loss and degradation is an on-going issue for the whole of New Zealand.  However, there are large numbers of people working via agencies, community groups, marae, schools, or individually, to restore and enhance wetlands.

Nature Space and the NZ Landcare Trust have developed an on-line, national database of community wetland restoration projects and practitioners called WETlink.  This database aims to share best practice, raise awareness of the growing number of successful projects already underway, encourage others to start wetland restoration projects, as well as providing networking opportunities for groups to share knowledge and issues.  It is searchable by area and wetland type.

We encourage you or your group to be included in this database. 

If you are already a group on Nature Space, you just need to complete a few extra fields, which you can do here:

Otherwise, if you or your group are not yet signed up to Nature Space, you can join as a group and will be directed to the WETlink database during the sign up process here:  

For further queries, please contact the Nature Space Administrator, or the NZ Landcare Trust